Aprile 27, 2021

Public health issues associated with fish products

According to the European Legislation, Food Business Operators (FBO) are responsible for the safety and traceability of the food which they produce, transport, store, or sell while competent authorities (in Italy the Veterinarian) have to verify compliance with the different European and/or national rules.
Aprile 27, 2021

The restart after the fish industry’s crisis. Habits before and after the virus

The consumer mainly bought processed or frozen products, while in normal times, 50% of the consumption was directed to the fresh or packaged product.
Aprile 27, 2021

Biotossine: Algae and health risks

The EU, aware of the danger incurred in eating certain fish products, has issued a set of hygiene and health directives for the purpose of preventing disease and safeguarding consumer health.
Aprile 28, 2021

The BAPSI project on the canadian channel Ici Television

We then receive, from Caserta, journalist and expert in geopolitics, Domenico Letizia, who will comment on the importance of the BAPSI project, on the need to respond to the exploitation of world’s fish resources, with sustainability, technological training of professionals of the sector and cooperation between the various structures of the fishing world.