Aprile 22, 2021

Promote the cooperation among institutions in the maritime and fishery sectors

Within the scope of the BAPSI project, CETMAR will participate in most of the activities planned, focusing on those developed in Spain.
Aprile 23, 2021

Heavy metals in fish. What and in which species are more focused?

The scientific community agrees that fish has remarkable nutritional properties.
Aprile 23, 2021

Fishes. Strategies to guide consumers towards eco-sustainable purchases and consumption

Giuseppe Palma, general secretary of Assoittica describes, for an Italian television program, the importance of cooperation and training in the fishing world.
Aprile 23, 2021

Alice and lupine. Anti-quarantine campaign of Assoittica, with properties and recipes of the sea

The sea returns to the center of attention and the fishermen's nets are a story to tell.