About The Project

As the demand of seafood product worldwide constantly increases, there is the need to respond in an efficient, responsible and sustainable manner. In order to do so, professionals working in the sector must be equipped with relevant expertise. Nevertheless, an overall lack of adequate skills and competencies has been perceived and acknowledge by the representatives of the sector. An overall lack of connection between the industry and education is one of the causes of this gap, which is affecting the competitiveness of companies and their capacity to cope with the constant changes and challenges of the sector.

The BAPSI project aims to promote a fruitful dialogue between the industrial sector of fishery and education, in order to address the necessity of professionals to be trained and equipped consistently with the needs of the industry. By putting together the direct representatives of the fishery industrial compartment and the academic and research providers, the projects aims to empower hybrid professional figures, equipped with the exact skills required by the industry.