Domenico Letizia

Ottobre 4, 2021

The BAPSI project and the Pesceinrete Buyer Guide

The BAPSI project promotes professional tools for the protection of marine biodiversity.
Settembre 11, 2021

The BAPSI Project and the webinar “Risk Disaster in Seafood Management”

Over the last few decades, natural and human-induced disasters have become more frequent and increasingly destructive. Populations depending on fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihoods have […]
Luglio 29, 2021

Bapsi project on the “Pesceinrete”

The ultimate goal is to strengthen the #professionals of the fishing sector so that they have solid knowledge and "transversal" skills in terms of environmental sustainability and valuation of the sea.
Giugno 18, 2021

The BAPSI project and the webinar “Risk disaster in seafood management”

The webinar dealt with the “Management of the“ disaster risk ”in fish products”. The issue arises from the awareness that in recent decades, natural and man-made disasters have become frequent and increasingly destructive.